My Preist Never Did This…..Planking?

Maybe I’m behind the times and have lost step with pop culture but I just learned what “planking” is last week and that was only because I read some random article debating whether “planking” was dead and if it had been replaced by “owling”.  Not gonna’ lie, they both look pretty stupid to me.  But they also look like things I would do or have done at some point in my life.  I guess I just didn’t have the gumption to label them, put them on the internet and create a nationwide trend.

This weekend I was trying to iron a couple shirts because dry cleaning is expensive as hell but I need to look sharp and the GF starts to loose her mind.  I’m fully enveloped in the task at hand so I can barely understand her whisper yelling to me about priests, planking, etc.  Needless to say, by the time I figure out what’s going on I’ve missed the best part but we were able to capture the end of this display as they all were “unplanking” themselves.

I grew up going to church, roman catholic if you must know, and by going I mean once a month, then at special holidays, now maybe annually.  Given the state of the church today, that seems to be the norm.  From what I recall, my experience was very different than a bunch of priests dipping into the pop culture fabs to get our attention.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the gusto!  I mean if I had come up in church where each week I was gonna’ get caught up on the latest fab to go out of style, I might still be willing to give up a few Sunday Funday hours for services.  At this point, it’s gonna’ take a little more than a few “learning how to Dougie” sermons to get me back on regular basis.

But let it be known that I’ve got my on on the church again.  If I catch priests “owling” or “leisure diving” into services, I’ll be happy to dedicate a few sundays to finding redemption and/or saving my soul(in the fall after Sunday Funday season ends).

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