Month: August 2011

  • Cycles of Change……all of Worcester?

    I read an article yesterday and tried to post about it from my phone but it got lost aka. I forgot to save it! The gist of the article was focused on Boston’s transformation to a bike-friendly city with the culmination coming last this past month with the launch of the Hubway bike-sharing program.  The […]

  • Starting your MBA this week? Read this first. (via infinite to venture)

    Great advice that MBAs can actually follow and execute. As I enter my 2nd year, I couldn’t think of better thoughts to pass along to new students. General wisdom dictates that someone has usually said it better before me. It’s that time of year again. Summer is winding to a close, and students are returning […]

  • Time + Goals = Networking…….but what about CarFreeBrad!

    It has been a tough writing week to say the least between being isolated in Upstate NY without internet,family issues and starting a new semester.  At this point, I’m emotionally drained and ready to get back to a life free from gut wrenching emotion and constant running around.  One out of two ain’t bad! I […]

  • The worst part of the Hurricane falling on a weekend……

    The Hangover!!!!!  We didn’t lose power so the fridge stayed on and the beer stayed cold but you should still drink them all just in case the power goes out, right? I hope that the worst you are dealing with is a hangover and the storm was just an excuse for you to finish all […]

  • CarFree Hurricane Benefit #1

    You almost never hear about someone missing work because their bike was crushed by a fallen tree! Unless of course your bike was chained to said tree, then it sucks for everyone!

  • These are cycling fanatics!

    Andy Schleck was a huge part of my Tour De France fantasy teams domination of the league so I need to post this pic! Seriously, do these guys have nothing better to do?  These costumes took some serious planning but deep down my hat goes off to them.  Well played sirs, well-played!

  • Hurricane Irene snarls New York highways, tunnels, sidewalks

      When everything is shut down, all we have left is our bikes.  Gear up and get going(only when it’s safe of course)! Although the massive New York transit system — subways, buses and commuter trains — was shut down in anticipation of the storm, the metropolitan area was still open if you were willing […]

  • Must Be Green Drinks Worcester!

    I went to Green Drinks- Worcester the other night and every pole within 2 blocks looked like this. It’s good to know that the CarFree movement has caught on with the “early adopters”, but I want to see this same scene at The Young Republicans Club and IBEW Chapter meetings. Then and only then will […]

  • Definition of Insanity……

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein · It’s official, I’m insane! I learned my lesson on Monday or so I thought.  That lesson lasted until…….this morning! I showed up on campus for one meeting as a sweaty dripping mess. Of all the things I listed not […]

  • Note to Self………

    Let this be a lesson to all those who bike commute and a reminder to my future self because no matter how many times I learn this lesson, I never really learn it. Do NOT pound a huge cup of coffee, put on a suit, peddle across the city to sit through speeches/meet & greet […]