RE-POST……..Still Sweating!!!!!!

Based on today’s weather and all the commuting I have to do today, I thought this post was still relevant and a bit sad.  This is over a month old and I still don’t have any really good suggestions to overcome the heat!!!!!

6 Minutes= 45 Minutes Sweating on the Train

As conditions slowly creep into the legitimate summer category, I am faced with an age old CarFree conundrum; how do I get around without being a sweaty mess?  Anyone who has followed the CarFreeBrad experiment knows that I sweat…a lot!  I just run a few degrees warmer than everyone else so I’m always on the verge of full on flop sweat no matter what the temperature.  I have learned to deal with this characteristic over the years without too much trouble but my transition to bike-train commuter poses a significant new issue.

As the temperature creeps up past the sweating point, for me anything above 65, my 6 minute bike ride to the train serves to prime the pump.  Upon taking my seat,

the floodgates open up and there is no stopping it for at least 30 minutes.  I have no idea how to combat this and may have to get creative this summer to figure it out.

I must leave this post open ended because I have no solutions just yet.  I just thank God that the commuter rail is air conditioned!

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