Forget Everything Else, I need this bike! Mind-Controlled Gear Shifting.

The “innovative technology” part — the bike helmet, designed by Deeplocal, incorporates (wait for it) abuilt-in EEG array that lets you shift gears just by thinking about it. After a ten-minute “training” session that tells the system how to distinguish “shift up” from “shift down” (or “I want a sandwich”), the helmet will reliably send the appropriate signal to the PXP’s electric derailleur. “When you see the bike shift for the first time, it’s kind of like magic,” Matthew Pegula, Deeplocal Lead Engineer, tells Co.Design. “It’s also interesting because we were able to build all of this with off-the-shelf components and some custom software to glue everything together. That means that we’re not too far off from this being commercially viable.”

COMMERCIALLY VIABLE!!!!! That must mean I can get one.  I need all the CarFreeBrad Fans to unite under the cause to get this bike.  I have no money and not much to barter with either except for the multi-dollar tag of making this bike and the person who gets it for me the “Official Bike of” and “Official #1 Fan Status” for making it happen.  Trust me the valuations of this site are rising, it just doesn’t get the proper coverage because of some other sites (that pale in comparison) like Facebook, Groupon, Zynga and Taskrabbit that get all the media play because they look good on the red carpet.  But is a workhorse that just keeps it’s head down creating value for all involved.

Read the Full Article: A Prius-Inspired Bike Has Mind-Controlled Gear Shifting | Co. Design.

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