Why Can’t the U.S. Learn Lessons from Europe?

“Building bike paths alone will not get people out of their cars in the U.S. and onto bicycles. To create a thriving bike culture in America’s cities, people must begin to view bicycling as Europeans do — not just as a way of exercising, but as a serious form of urban mass transportation.”by elisabeth rosenthal

Sometimes you come across an article that summarizes almost everything you think and see everyday so well there is no need to editorialize just re-post and implore people to read it.

I guarantee you will find it interesting!

I know since my return to the states from the bike mecca of Copenhagen, I’ve been harping on the US but it’s all done with love.  I really want to understand us, how we work, operate and change.

On Biking, Why Can’t the U.S. Learn Lessons from Europe? by Elisabeth Rosenthal: Yale Environment 360.

After you have clicked above and read it, please let me know if you agree or disagree!  I’m very curious.

One response to “Why Can’t the U.S. Learn Lessons from Europe?”

  1. Jake Scott While I love my buddie brad, think he’s hilarious and love getting hammered with him in beantown and on rivers in Upstate NY…..this is Anti-American, liberal borderline communist propaganda. Why do people think it’s cool/sheikh to be like Europe?
    about a minute ago · Like


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