Big Game Underwear? The Saga of the Bad Boxer Continues!

“So I was packing up for my trip to Miami last night and quickly realized my underwear sucks. All my big game pairs are still dirty from Nantucket. All I got left are some year old Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs. I feel like I’m going to get laughed right out of South Beach wearing this shit. Because I don’t care what anybody says. Underwear matters. Always has always will. It just sets the whole mood for the night .   That’s why even when I think there is a chance I may be hooking up with the First Lady I always wear my best shit. If your *** looks good and feels good you look good and feel good. It’s that simple.”

Rarely do I feel compelled to take from other blogs, ok, that’s a lie, but usually it is from a blog that has a direct connection to biking, living carfree, cool bike gear, etc.  Like almost every other guy, I like to check in on Barstool Sports from time to time when I catch a little down time.  As I’m “working from home” today there seem to have been quite a few lulls and substantial Barstool time.

I have to say I’m glad the the great boxer debate has transcended all genres and blog levels.  The lesson applies across the board and in all situations that you have keep your boxer game on point.  Whether your goal is get out of said boxers (as stated above) or to ensure a comfortable commute across town by keeping “the fella’s” in said boxers (as stated previously) in the end it’s all the same.

You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight and you don’t bring bad boxers to south beach or biking across Boston…plain and simple!

To read the full entry that inspired me, read here: » How Important is Big Game Underwear? Barstool Sports: Boston.

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