Fantasy Sports- I’m finally part of it!

It has taken well over a decade but I’m finally feeling like a real man because I’ve started my first fantasy sports team.  I’ve spent years having to explain to my outraged fellow-man that I have no real interest in fantasy sports because I don’t care that much about some random shortstop’s OBP or HRs.  To me watching a good game was always more than enough.  Pining over “your roster” for hours trying to decide what tight end to start seemed a bit stupid especially when you get into a long season or when multiple sports overlap and you have 12 teams going.

That still seems slightly crazy but I think I may be starting to understand all the passion and yelling that go into fantasy sports.

Without further a due, here’s my squad:

My fantasy Tour de France 2011 Team!  I challenge anyone to try to beat Team  I’m looking into getting custom bike shirts made.  Okay, custom bike shirt(singular) for me to ride around in when my team dominates.

Click on the link below and join my league and we can compete.  I already enjoy the Tour but for those that don’t it makes the whole thing really come alive for you.

Join the Mini-League and compete with me head to head. Click Here: Fantasy Home Page

Go to Fantasy Page Here!

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