Sperm: hobby vs. lifestyle? Lifestyle always wins!

About a month ago while I was studying business in Northern Europe at a university in Sweden, I was able to track down a custom bike in Copenhagen Denmark that had been intriguing my for weeks and it produced some rather memorable posts for CarFreeBrad.com.  The now infamous “Sperm Bike”!

To explain, my father has worked in medical technology for as long as I can remember and probably around 20 years ago got into fertility, specifically sperm analysis technology.  With his natural showmanship and flair for the dramatic, my teenage and college years were spent being inundated with every variety of sperm item you could think of and many you couldn’t.  From the sperm shaped stress relief ball to t-shirts with giant glow in the dark sperm on them, the spectrum was covered.  From all this, came his self-proclaimed nickname the “sperminator”!

Always the showman and never to be outdone, my father has officially gotten into the mix!  I just received a series of pictures emailed from Stockholm to remind me that no matter how far-reaching I think CarFreeBrad.com is and my skills at finding cool bike stuff have become, he’s the original “sperminator” and no one can rock a sperm helmet like him.

In this case, I will have to concede defeat and bow out graciously.  I’m satisfied knowing that I was beat by a better man.

Sperm has always been a hobby for me but for him it was a way of life!

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4 Responses to Sperm: hobby vs. lifestyle? Lifestyle always wins!

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  3. Josephine Ann McCumber says:

    WOW. Awesome. The apple does not fall far from the tree. And I’m talkin “innovative” here….that’s all….INNOVATIVE,,,,,,just like your Dad created that thirst-quencher drink. Diet snapple and pink lemonade. Awesome! Both of you! Create! Go forth and Create!


    • Maja says:

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