Clear up some confusion & Replace it with some more!

I’ve been getting the question, “So you don’t use cars at all?” more often than I had expected.  The answer is, I have nothing against cars.   They serve a very distinct and good purpose in my life and I embrace that.  My mission is very simple, to live my life without a car and using other forms as my first mode of transport to see how my life is changed and document my struggles good, bad or indifferent.  My entire life has been so car-centric, I want to see if I can shift to a new modus operandi.  I can’t say I’ll never own a car again but at this point, I can see that my life is possible without it!

So what exactly am I doing?

I truth is, I don’t know and that is kind of the point of this whole experiment.  I didn’t start this with a point to prove or goal to meet.  I can’t say exactly what I hope to gain from all this or where it might take me.  I don’t know if it will open doors for me or slam them in my face.

My Original Explanation:

I love driving! Always have, always will.  I’ve grown up as many people have, with a car.  A car is just part of me, it never seemed to be a choice to me.

So why would someone dependent on having a car realize it is a choice and then choose to go without. I made this choice for many reasons, and to be honest, none of them are noble, brave, or even for a greater good.  In fact, most of them are just plain selfish.

I try not to be, but find that I plan and run my life according to logic and reason(most of the time) and this major life change is no different.


  1. Lease is up
  2. Clark & multiple degrees are EXPENSIVE.
  3. Insurance is expensive.
  4. Gas is expensive
  5. I own a bike(2 actually) and consider myself to be able-bodied.
  6. I live on campus and/or within 3 miles.
  7. Electric cars are the new black.
  8. To prove that I can live without it.
  9. Put my money where my mouth is.
  10. I got it in my head that someone like me couldn’t,shouldn’t, wouldn’t give up his car.

Those that know me well, may not be surprised but I made this choice because it is a sound financial decision.  But most importantly, it flies in the face of who I am. I never like to be self-righteous and rarely like to be serious so I try to let me actions speak for me.

The way I see it, if an MBA student with every intention of making obscene amounts of money someday, likes khakis and a sweater vest(argyle is best) and constantly makes fun of patchouli(even though I don’t really what it is) can take a step to being part of the solution, anything is possible.

I will document my gradual breakdown and shed a little light into why people like me refuse to go Car Free and maybe one of you will figure out how to change that…..I can’t because I’ll be waiting for the #19 bus on Main St!

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