Month: July 2011

  • Rack of the Day: Help Me, Help You!?!?!?!

    In honor of this weeks launch of Boston’s Bike Sharing program I decided to focus on the racks that I want everyone in Boston, around Boston or traveling to Boston to look out for as they become active. Take a picture of the Hubway Racks, you on the Hubway Bikes, you on the Hubway bikes […]

  • Hubway Stations: Good or Bad?

    This was my initial reaction to my first bike sharing rack in Boston by South Station. In the hustle and bustle of all the commuters scurrying to catch their rides, I could have easily walked right by and never even noticed it. I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing, but my […]

  • Metro – Hubway: The bicycles are coming! The bicycles are coming!

    Here is a great article that outlines Hubway in Boston in case you didn’t have time to look it up already. It launches in less than 2 hours!!!! “Hubway will feature “swipe card” payments and will cost $5 per day and $85 for a yearly membership. Annual memberships for $60 are being offered for people […]

  • HUGE NEWS DAY!!!!!!

    Today’s news was like watching your first-born getting drafted or win an olympic gold medal!  Ok, that’s way over dramatic but I need you to understand my enthusiasm.  I got out of bed this morning a bit tired and a little grumpy but all that changed as soon as I start to flip through the […]

  • Traffic Ticket…..On a Bike!

    This is not the first time I’ve posted this but I still find it very amusing.  This is one problem I don’t have to worry about in Worcester because I’ve yet to ride in a bike lane in this town.  I really can’t wait until I get a traffic ticket on my bike. Is it […]

  • Can I get a loaner…….BIKE?

    I’ve run into an issue we can all relate to.  What to do when you have to bring your mode of transportation in for service? This is one area where the car people have a huge leg up on me.  I’ll look into it, but I’m pretty sure I can’t get a loaner bike if […]

  • Denmark Is Made For Cyclists « Ice Tubes

    Another instant bike fanatic due to a trip to Denmark.   Read this post and it pretty much sums up the response of any person who has been to there. Denmark Is Made For Cyclists « Ice Tubes. “Bikes are in front of every store, restaurant and bar, and all offices and rail stations are […]

  • Late to Bed, Early to Rise

    This week is shaping up to be a real grind and it’s only Tuesday morning!  I could tell it would go bad when I looked at my week and I would have to leave the house before sunrise and return well after sundown most of the week. Normally, this lack of outdoor/time in the light […]

  • Solar Boating

    Like a lot of people this past weekend as the temperature rose and the heat wave settled in, I scrambled to find solice in the form of a body of water that led to two distinct aquatic experiences.  My initial inclanation was to debate the pros and cons of motorized versus paddle power boating.  Upon […]

  • The Movement is Catching On…..

    There is no use in fighting it anymore, you can’t outwit fate.  We’ve all been wasting an afternoon and seen one of the seven Final Destination movies where a group of people cheat death but it was their time so they all get killed in the most bizarre ways possible because you just can’t cheat […]