Commuter Rail Conundrum- CarFree to BikeFree!

I technically had today off, to say that I didn’t have to commute Worcester to Boston at 5 am but paying for this lavish CarFree lifestyle requires a bit of hustle.  So I was doing some handyman work for the day.

The only problem is that the work is in Brighton, in the most difficult to navigate section.  Not close to anything and smack dab between two rather inconvenient commuter rail stops. All is well when you are good on the bike as I am but the game changes when you finish up around 515 only to find out the next commuter rail train that will allow your bike is not until 8. Never the one to sit around, I was more than happy to accept an offer for a ride to the train and leave my bike.

The work in Brighton is not finished and I will have to return sometime, most likely early Saturday, but now I’ve got two new problems to deal with. One, it’s a long ass walk from the commuter rail to the job! Two, now I’m not only CarFreeBrad, I’m BikeFreeBrad as well and that is not nearly as fun.

Time for some creative problem solving……Might be time to dig out the rollarblades!

I will definitely have to provide pictures.

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