No Impact Man! Ironic Monday is Born!

Let Ironic Monday Continue!!!!

As I was running up the stairs to the office on the 6th floor today, that is a lot more stairs than I thought, I began to think about that book “No Impact Man”. The guy that lived in NYC and was able to reduce his impact down to almost nothing.

When I got to my floor, I was deep in thought about how hard that would be and all the serious advance planning it would take to do what he did. I don’t think I could do a day in the life of that guy. But if I could write a book about and make a boat load of money, I might consider it.

Anyway, as I was contemplating suffering through something like that in order to get that big payday, it hit me!!! That will never, ever happen. Not because I don’t have the smarts, desire, drive, or will power to stick it out during the hard times. And not because it would take too much planning and I couldn’t adapt to the diet. Not even the combined 100+ floors of stairs I would have to take every week.

The reason I would never be able to do that or even try is NOT even the fact that I didn’t even read the book……………… but the fact that I listened to book on CD last summer in my CAR as I drove around!!!!!!!!!

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