Mother Nature + CarFreeBrad = ?

This week’s weather has done many things to many people and CarFreeBrad is no exception.  There is no question that the weather makes living CarFree difficult but not impossible.  It all seems to be in the attitude you bring into the experience.  I don’t mind the wet or even the cold so it’s tolerable to me.

 I feel bad for those in my life that the weather and therefore my CarFree life effect.  I have learned my affinity for a sharp looking sweater vest most be kept in check.  I can’t just willy nilly toss on an argyle and hit the road because one of these “light drizzles” as Dylan Dryer reports to me immediately puts me in the “wet dog” category for the rest of the day.  No one wants to share space with some one that smells like wet dog.

Mostly I feel bad for my GF because it sincerely cuts into my ability to do the nice little things that I would like.  For instance, I had some time open yesterday afternoon and it happened to be her birthday.  My plan was to surprise her at work with lunch and some treats.  Being super busy and vastly underfunded because I’m working to get United Hydroponics off the ground while paying for school, I have to rely on the little things to make up for it.  Anyone who was outside yesterday or looked out the window knows that a trip to the grocery and 5 miles to her office was not going to happen.  It was disappointing to say the least but in a weird place made me thankful.

I’ve spent most of my life in control of my environment and living above nature.  Yesterday, nature made sure to emphasize the fact that she has no regard for my plans or ideas and that what she says goes.  After I got over the disappointment, I began to realize that I’m ok with living according to nature and need to learn to respect its control over my life. 

That and I need to get big rubber rain pants, because I still need to get around!

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