Welcome to Summer!

I realize that my last post was somewhat aggressive with a hint of anger but all that has changed now.


We say goodbye to spring and hello to the lazy days of summer.  What better way to do that then on a bike.   As the weather turns from warm to hot realize that it won’t last forever.  In New England, it will be gone in the blink of an eye.  So before the snow, ice and miserable 6 hours of sunlight days descend upon us again, take advantage.  Dig that old beat up bike out of the basement and do one lap around the neighborhood.  I guarantee you will feel better and a bit refreshed, even if you are a sweaty mess when you get back.

It’s hard to deny that riding a bike is fun.  Try to tell that to your 12 year old self, who could probably spend 10 hours a day just riding around town.  Do yourself a favor, get in touch with that kid you once were and let yourself enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bike again.  It’s OK!

We can all go back to being uptight adults when the leaves turn and it gets dark at 3pm.

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