Ever wonder how it feels to live CarFree, but can’t drop the vehicle? Here’s how…

I’ve been living CarFree for a while now and feel it is time to clear up some of the misconceptions about this lifestyle adventure.  I haven’t been completely clear about what defines living CarFree and this has led to some confusion among the public.

First and foresmost, I’m CarFree not ANTI-CAR.  I hold no ill will towards cars, people who have them, or use of cars.  I recognize the important role that cars play in my life and I’m more than happy to take rides or borrow my GF’s car for certain tasks.

My definition of CarFree is very simple.  I believe it is the act of living without possesion of a vehicle.  As I’ve said before, my motivation for going CarFree was not all about a principled noble cause but fiscal neccessity and serious curiousity.  I had slowly recognized that a car had become a want and not a need in mine and many peoples lives.  As a regular guy who always loved his car, I could recognize that a car was unneccassary but couldn’t imagine life without it.

When the timing was right and enough people told me I was rediculous and couldn’t live without a car I had to go cold turkey to prove my point to them and myself.

If I seem to be advocating for everyone to live CarFree, it’s only because it can be a great eye opening experience but don’t think cars or the people who own them are bad.

To experience the feeling for yourself, turn off your cell phone for 4 days.  Just turn it off and drop it in a drawer.  You can still communicate via email, phone, everything but no cell for 4 days.  The first 3 days are gonna’ suck (maybe less maybe more) but once you turn the corner and realize you don’t NEED it to live each day it gets almost easy.  You may even start to enjoy it.

If you’re not ready or can’t lose the cell, try a simple Facebook/Twitter/Social Media hiatus.  You won’t get the full experience but the level of discomfort will be just the same.

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