Worcester to Boston- Commuter Rail

Today I join the ranks of those who brave the Worcester-Boston Commuter Rail.  I’ve taken this train before but never as a true commuter.  I’m cautiously optimistic at this point, but how can I not be, I’ve been on the train for exactly 6 minutes.  Thus far the commuter rail has everything I could want in Air Conditioning and Wi-Fi.  For someone who loves efficient use of time this hour and a half is perfect.

Efficient use of time had always been a secret driving pet peeve of mine.  I used to hate the fact that I could only make phone calls during my drive.  Inevitably, as soon as I got my hands-free bluetooth device setup (remembered to bring it with me) no one would answer my calls and I would have 50 emails to respond to.  It would actually hurt me on the inside to watch my inbox slowly fill up as I drove from A to B knowing that I had to waste at least another 45 minutes upon arrival sorting through them all.

Another benefit of the commuter rail is my affinity for list making and day prep.  I usually hit snooze at least once each morning not to sleep more because it is a great time to mentally go through my day, map out a plan and start my to do list.  Hopefully this commute will allow me the time to not only write up a robust list but to knock a few items off of it before I start the rest of my day.

Last but not least, going from one end of the line to the other relieves nap stress.  I don’t have to worry about missing my stop because the train doesn’t go any further.  Based on what I’m seeing so far, the majority of commuters choose to use this time to get a few extra ZZZ’s  before work.

Sleep is not an option for me this morning as I got to bed nice and early last night but if the Bruins win the cup tonight, tomorrow morning will be a completely different story.

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