First Day- I Swear I Can Dress Myself!!!

First day working in operations at The New England Clean Energy Council and it wasn’t exactly the start I had hoped for. I will have to temper my disdain for office work until I have given this great opportunity appropriate time to achieve its potential.

I’m not sure exactly what I had hoped for. Maybe I had hoped that there would be big time clean energy investors, VCs and CEOs running in and out all day just spewing out knowledge then looking for feedback from some random guy who looks a lot like me. Perhaps I had envisioned a frantic NECEC President rushing into a conference room with pizzas and a dolly of energy policy books and we were all locked in until we created a concrete plan to increase the clean energy industry by 20% this year.

I think I may just need to give myself some time to reaclimate to the working world. When it comes to clean energy industry development, the world needs ditch diggers and I was just handed my shovel.

Maybe my expectation aren’t realistic but there are a few things I had every right to expect.
A.) That my shirt wouldn’t have a giant coffee stain on it before I got to the office.
B.) My belt would make it through all the loops on my pants.
C.) As a grown up, I could remember to put up my fly for at least half of the day.

The only redeeming fact of all these mishaps is the fact that my only real interaction was sitting down and with interns all day so it’s kind of like a tree falling in the woods with nobody around to hear it, who cares!

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