Month: June 2011

  • Car-pocalypse Continues! 250 Volunteer C

    Car-pocalypse Continues! 250 Volunteer Cyclists Produced NYC’s First Pedal-Powered Music Festival | Inhabitat New York City #carfreebrad

  • Bike sharing may solve my commuter rail

    Bike sharing may solve my commuter rail conundrum:! Buzz » The Future of Bike Sharing Schemes in the United States: via @AddThis

  • Personal CarFree Growth

    In yesterday’s post CarFree Conundrum, I was faced with the question of what to do when I’m forced to live BikeFree due to commuter rail schedule restrictions? In an effort to avoid emotional and unwarranted rants, I have made it a point to give myself one nights sleep before posting about a rant subject (unless […]

  • Commuter Rail Conundrum- CarFree to BikeFree!

    I technically had today off, to say that I didn’t have to commute Worcester to Boston at 5 am but paying for this lavish CarFree lifestyle requires a bit of hustle.  So I was doing some handyman work for the day. The only problem is that the work is in Brighton, in the most difficult […]

  • RT @massrides: #MBTA has busiest month i

    RT @massrides: #MBTA has busiest month in 9 yrs. Hope you T-goers are tracking your trips for free rewards! Visit

  • MBTA reports a 5 percent surge in ridership

    The CarFree movement is gaining momentum and already helping everyone.  The MBTA has a lot of problems and is far from the best mass transit system out there but it is all we’ve got and gets millions of us from point “a” to point “b” on a regular basis. This recent surge in ridership can […]

  • CAR-POCALYPSE! Bike-Part Vending Machine Has Arrived!

    “Minneapolis was named the country’s number one city for biking last year by Bicycling magazine, but the city’s bike community isn’t resting on its laurels. Looking to make Minneapolis even more welcoming to cyclists, local entrepreneurs recently opened the city’s first self-service bicycle repair kiosk, to serve the flat tubes and busted gears of the thousands of […]

  • How dirty is too dirty?

    A lesson that we should all take away from witnessing a child eat an ice cream cone(or most anything else for that matter) is that no matter how careful we are, it’s going to get everywhere on everything. Unfortunately, bicycle grease behaves much the same way prior to 6 am.  I don’t know what it […]

  • No Impact Man! Ironic Monday is Born!

    Let Ironic Monday Continue!!!! As I was running up the stairs to the office on the 6th floor today, that is a lot more stairs than I thought, I began to think about that book “No Impact Man”. The guy that lived in NYC and was able to reduce his impact down to almost nothing. […]

  • RT @techcrunch: SocialBicycles Bike Shar

    RT @techcrunch: SocialBicycles Bike Sharing Is Now A Kickstarter Project by @johnbiggs